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Established in 2004, Exeltainer is a leading international company for design, test, qualification and manufacture of temperature controlled packaging to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Made up by a team of highly-skilled professionals with more than 20 years of experience, our aim is to provide fully customized insulated shipping systems designed to exceed our customer requirements in terms of quality, minimization of the cost of Cold Chain compliance as well as sustainability.

Our Mission

to provide effective and qualified packaging solutions, with the best cost-benefit relation to the needs of distribution, storing and shipping products that require a certain temperature, within a specific amount of time.

First step in our design process is to analyze in detail all your requirements (from logistics/distribution to packout, thermal performance, etc). In case we do not find a perfect fit between our more than 400 prequalified insulated solutions, we design a new insulated packaging, using our leading thermal modeling capabilities and our extensive knowledge of thermal materials.

Pre-OQ tests are then performed to confirm the thermal performance. The results are summarized in a Technical Sheet of Design Qualification where our customers will find all the technical information about the insulated solution.

We test and qualify every insulated shipping system we design. Our testing laboratory provides a full range of services, from thermal testing to compliance documentations and reports. Our engineering team collaborates with the customers throughout the whole process of packaging design and testing.

The final results are described in a Qualification Report showing all requirements according to the Protocol, the accomplished tests, scheme of recorders location, Calibration Certificates of the instruments, Technical Sheets, etc.

Our factories are fully dedicated to manufacture all the necessary components needed to obtain the “insulated solution”: from Insulated Containers to Gelpacks as well as any other required component.

Our main material are panels of injected Polyurethane used for isothermal packaging. Polyurethane is a great insulating material with an excellent thermal performance and it can be easily recycled as raw material or to generate energy.

Exeltainer Management, in its desire to ensure the quality of services to our clients, establishes the basic values of ISO 9001:2015 management system for the following activities:
“Design, manufacturing and marketing of Insulated Solutions systems to maintain the cold chain throughout the process of storage, delivery and distribution”.

The values of this quality policy translate into the following commitments:

  • Management promotes continuous improvement in the management system, bringing into play all the resources it deems necessary to strengthen these bases and the achievement of our objectives.
  • To adopt commitment of the compliance with ISO 9001:2015 Norm in addition to legal and regulatory requirements that may apply.
  • The Top Management involves the whole staff on the maintenance and the continuous improvement of the Quality System. In the same way, the staff is steadily encouraged to carry out its duty to reach the highest degree of satisfaction to our customers.

More specifically, Exeltainer set the strategic objectives basing on:

  • Provide a quality service, according UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 Norm through each and every one of our departments
  • Maintenance and updating of our technical resources.
  • The proper selection of our suppliers through objective criteria for evaluating their services.
  • The continuous training of staff in their respective areas.
  • A service offered with high added value, that is, capable of solving specific problems of customers in a personalized way.

Quality policy is spread and understood by all staff of Exeltainer. All supporting documentation of the system is mandatory for the staff of our organization
The customer is the reason for being of Exeltainer and its complete satisfaction our priority

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Berlín, 5 - 28813 Torres de la Alameda
Madrid - Spain
Tel.: +34 91 872 0780
Fax: +34 91 870 6502
E-mail: sales@exeltainer.com


Rua Rosa Kasinski, 1109
Galpão 13 - Capuava – Mauá
São Paulo CEP: 09380-128 – Brasil
Tel.: (+ 55 11) 4476-1328
E-mail: comercial@exeltainer.com
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