Highest Protection For Clinical Sample

KIT UN 3373

KIT UN3373 includes:

  • Printing according to the UN-IP650 and ADR-IATA UN3373 Requirements.
  • Approved and Printed Bag resistant to 95 Kpa of pressure UN3373 homologated. Size A3 or A4 according to the Kit dimensions. Absorbent material for possible splits.
  • Inner box (Protection Packaging made of micro corrugated cardboard. Also available with racks for vials, tube, etc. Large formats FEFCO closure.)
  • Insulation panel made of high density injected Polyurethane (free of CFCs and HCFCs).
  • Gelpacks or Trays of Gelpacks.
  • Isothermal Separators (thermal barrier).
  • Technical Sheet (issued at the client request).