Ready to Load & Go!!!!

The NeoX Reusable service offers a high performance insulated packaging delivered to the customer ready to use.

The customer only has to load and ship the product.

Pay-Per-Use Service

EXELTAINER, after over 25 years of experience of design and manufacturing of Insulated Packaging, developed the NeoX Reusable, a brand new high-performance PCM-based product line:

No need of refrigerated/temperature controlled transport.
Robust reusable packaging with PCM high performance gelpacks.
Qualified for up to 120h.
All-year packout for wide thermal range.
Payloads available from 6 to 36 L.
Inner box fit to the interior space available.
Temperature monitoring on demand.

Key advantages of the reusable packaging

Where we are

Madrid and Barcelona


São Paulo and Río de Janeiro

Payload and performance