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Exeltainer Insulated Packaging

World Environment Day

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On #WorldEnvironmentDay we like to remember that at Exeltainer we never stop working on solutions that are more #Sustainable for our planet. Our #Reusable Kits have allowed our customers reduce their environmental impact, thanks to the savings in raw materials (PU, plastic and cardboard) that these solutions allow, and year after year our customers request these kits to a greater extent, which makes us feel very proud that our contribution to caring for the environment is greater every day. We take this opportunity to let you know you that we have a new product in development. We are looking forward to presenting it to you very soon!

Exeltainer has a wide range of insulated Kits that ensure the temperature of the different vaccines against COVID-19

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This Insulataed Kits, already qualified, maintain the necessary temperature range during the distribution of the different vaccines against COVID-19, being available in both disposable and reusable formats. 

We know the requirements of each laboratory for the storage, transport and distribution of the different vaccines against COVID-19. 

These days, the vaccines that are already in the distribution process in Spain are: Pfizer, they are kept at -80ºC, from their production to the distribution centers; Modern at -20ºC; AstraZeneca and Janssen whose temperature range is from +2 to + 8ºC. Our insulated solutions are qualified to ensure the necessary temperature for all of them. 

We also have packaging for what is known as last mile logistics, that is, the journey between the distribution center and the vaccination point. In the case of Pfizer’s vaccine, the temperature range in this last mile changes, it distributes and keeps at a refrigerated temperature between +2 and + 8ºC. 

We are proud that Exeltainer solutions are being used in many regions of Spain, for the different needs of each Covid-19 vaccines. 

We have the right products for all these storage temperature ranges, as well as different sizes for each need of our customers.

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