Exeltainer has a wide range of insulated Kits that ensure the temperature of the different vaccines against COVID-19

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This Insulataed Kits, already qualified, maintain the necessary temperature range during the distribution of the different vaccines against COVID-19, being available in both disposable and reusable formats. 

We know the requirements of each laboratory for the storage, transport and distribution of the different vaccines against COVID-19. 

These days, the vaccines that are already in the distribution process in Spain are: Pfizer, they are kept at -80ºC, from their production to the distribution centers; Modern at -20ºC; AstraZeneca and Janssen whose temperature range is from +2 to + 8ºC. Our insulated solutions are qualified to ensure the necessary temperature for all of them. 

We also have packaging for what is known as last mile logistics, that is, the journey between the distribution center and the vaccination point. In the case of Pfizer’s vaccine, the temperature range in this last mile changes, it distributes and keeps at a refrigerated temperature between +2 and + 8ºC. 

We are proud that Exeltainer solutions are being used in many regions of Spain, for the different needs of each Covid-19 vaccines. 

We have the right products for all these storage temperature ranges, as well as different sizes for each need of our customers.

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Insulated packaging concept

Insulated packaging concept

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Insulated packaging concept is the perfect solution for your shipments since that keeps the cold chain, being ideal for the transport of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. In this way, we protect the thermal integrity of the products from origin to destination. If you are looking for insulated packaging solutions for the cold chain, Exeltainer is the right solution for you!

We have different types of insulated packaging solutions that meet all the specifications required for the transport of products at a controlled temperature: insulated containers, reusable insulated solutions, refrigerated transport solutions. In addition, our design department can assist in the development of specific solutions.

Insulated packaging concept: development process 

The packaging development process goes through of different stages.

  • Know the required specifications: This is the basis for the design of the project of an insulated packaging solution. It is very important to define the requirements in terms of storage temperature, product volume, thermal properties and logistic limitations.
  • Calculate package size. Define precise measurement points and ensure that the temperature is the required in every one of them.
  • Test the product in different weather conditions. Temperature and humidity tests are performed, reproducing certain climatic conditions to analyze the impact on the payload.
  • Rate the packaging. After the temperature tests, the performance tests are carried out. In this way, all the information about the design (materials used, loading method, etc.) and the protocol for the climatic tests is provided.
  • Technical support. The Exeltainer team provides technical support to ensure packaging efficiency. In addition, continuous technical assistance is provided to always improve and provide quality service.

If you need insulated packaging for your business, count on us. Our mission is to provide effective and qualified packaging solutions, with the best cost-benefit relation to the needs of distribution, storing and shipment of products that require a certain temperature within a specific period of time.

Additionally, all our solutions for refrigerated transport are qualified with Universal Packout and can be customized according our customer needs. We invite you to know them by clicking on this page: solutions of thermal packaging.

In Exeltainer we take charge of the design, testing, qualification and manufacturing of insulated packaging with controlled temperature. If you want to know more about our different solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to advise you.

Cold chain operations

Cold chain operations

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The different components of the cold chain help to maintain its integrity from beginning to end. From the compressors and the electronic elements to the monitoring and load tracking solutions take an active part in order to guarantee the preservation of the cold chain. We provide holistic management of cold chain operations.

For the fulfillment and distribution of cold chain operations, the whole process must be controlled with utmost care. This includes the storage of products at a controlled temperature, approved carriers, use of the appropriate materials, well managed delivery appointments and comprehensive shipment tracking. All steps must take care to ensure customer satisfaction and demands.

Cold Chain Operations: reducing cold chain complexities

The operations that are performed to guarantee the cold chain affect storage and transport, and are designed to keep the products within a temperature range until it reaches the user. Pharmaceutical and biotechnological products are sensitive to heat and freezing. And must be kept at the correct temperature from the moment they are manufactured until they are used.

Energy, environment and safety unprecedented regulations have created many challenges for our customers. Through a wide range of products and constant innovation we aim have as an objective to respond to the complexities of keeping the cold chain intact in any situation, however extreme.

Logistics related to the cold chain includes different processes such as reception, handling, shipping, storage and product safety. All of them with a common denominator: guarantee operational excellence if we want to maintain an efficient and effective supply chain.

Supply chain operations

Improving the strategic operations of the supply chain has as a consequence, for those companies that carry it out, the optimization of the costs and benefits of the company. Not only economic savings are achieved but also significant improvements in quality and customer service.

If you find our services interesting or you want to know more about cold-chain logistics do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products

Temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products

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Temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products need special care. When we talk about temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products, we mean any product which, when not stored or transported within the predefined environmental conditions or within the established time limits, degrades to the point that it is no longer effective as it was originally intended, therefore, it is really important to guarantee the conditions of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products. These products need special attention to avoid possible damages or any deterioration in their effectiveness or quality.

The use of an appropriate packaging for the storage or transit time worldwide of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products, serves as a protective barrier for a potentially hostile environment. Temperature controlled packaging not only keeps the product within specific temperature ranges, but also helps the laboratories and other supply management participants meet the standards of Good Distribution Practices (GDP). Careful temperature control not only protects product quality, but also reduces losses due to temperature variations, thus ensuring profitability..

Temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products

The use of temperature controlled packaging is related to the growing need to preserve the cold chain.

Temperature control logistics includes the most sophisticated supply services, a growing interest in insulated packaging and advances in temperature monitoring technology. The temperature of a product can have deep impacts on its stability and therefore on its effectiveness. Because of that it is very important to maintain it under control so that it does not suffer from the different environmental conditions.

Exeltainer has a wide range of insulated solutions for transport, storage and supply management from start to finish, which satisfy all specific customer needs. All our solutions for the transport of pharmaceutical products are designed and qualified under strict quality and safety requirements, so that our customers can be sure of their proper performance. In addition, our solutions for refrigerated transport are qualified with Universal Packout.

If you want to know more about the different solutions for the correct storage and transport of the temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to assist you and help you in everything you need. Exeltainer is made up by a team of highly-skilled professionals with more than 20 years of experience whose aim is to provide fully customized insulated packaging systems, designed to meet the needs and requirements of our customers in terms of quality, cost minimization, compliance with the cold chain, as well as sustainability.

temperature controlled logistics

Temperature controlled logistics

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Temperature controlled logistics is responsible for the storage, conservation and transport of all cargo sensitive to atmospheric conditions and that need to maintain a certain temperature for proper preservation. This is essential for many pharmaceutical products, since drugs in poor condition can have serious consequences for health and well-being.

Many of the pharmaceutical and biological medicines sold today are extremely sensitive to the conditions in which they are packaged, shipped and stored. Therefore, temperature variations can affect the quality of the delivered product. Temperature controlled logistics helps to improve your distribution process, which must be validated to ensure that there is no negative impact on product safety, efficacy or quality.

Types of temperature controlled logistics

There are different categories in for temperature controlled logistics.

  • Refrigerated vehicles. They are conventional vehicles that have thermostatically controlled cargo compartments, which allow maintaining the desired temperature range. In addition, refrigerated vehicles often come in the form of small vans and trucks, which are usually equipped with electronic control systems to maintain the temperature.
  • Passive shipping container. They are storage containers that use a combination of insulated and electronic materials to maintain a specific temperature range. While they do not require human or external manipulation to function, they can only maintain a temperature range for a set period of time before they expire, which makes them an effective option for short trips. In addition, these containers are often necessary to mitigate any potential damage to the transported cargo. Therefore they are necessary for road transport.
  • Active shipping system. These are similar to passive shipping containers, but have a much greater reach. Active shipping systems are used in airfreight and sea freight transport. They are large thermostatically controlled cargo containers that act effectively. In addition, in airfreight transport, they are usually powered through internal batteries or an external electrical source and maintain energy through large cooling fans and heating mechanisms. Meanwhile, sea freight active shipping systems generally work with the power supply on board ships.

Temperature controlled logistics with Exeltainer

Exeltainer has a wide range of transportation, storage and end-to-end supply chain solutions, which cater for all your temperature specific needs. Our insulated solutions for active transport are designed and qualified under the same requirements than our standard insulated kits. So our customers can be sure about its performance and quality. Additionally, our solutions for refrigerated transport are all qualified with Universal Packout.

If you want to know more about these systems, don’t hesitate to contact us. Exeltainer is made up by a team of highly-skilled professionals with more than 20 years of experience. Our aim is to provide fully customized insulated shipping systems designed to exceed our customer requirements in terms of quality, minimization of the cost of Cold Chain compliance as well as sustainability. We will be delighted to help you with any question you may have.

Cold-chain logistics

Cold-chain logistics

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Cold-chain logistics involves the distribution activities of temperature-sensitive products through thermal packaging methods as well as logistics planning to protect the integrity of these shipments. The thermal packaging used and an appropriate transport logistics help to maintain the desired temperature range to achieve the objective in order not to break, in any case, the cold chain.

Cold-chain logistics has as its main purpose to guarantee product integrity throughout the supply chain, which requires rigorous processes and experience. The demand for this type of logistics services related to the cold chain is increasing and requires a total rigor in its processes.

Our products ensure the temperature of a pharmaceutical or biotech product at all points in the supply chain. Our experience allows us to offer the best solutions for storing, transporting products that require temperature control to guarantee their integrity.

Logistics process and cold chain:

Logistics is the management of the flow of goods from origin to destination, fulfilling, in every moment, the customer’s requirements. The process affects security, transportation, inventory, storage, information management and packaging. The process includes:

  • Load of the supply in the facilities of origin
  • Storage with the right conditions: controlled or room temperatures
  • Transportation: with refrigerated or ambient trucks, cargo containers etc.
  • Delivery to the final destination that may have different profiles: retail, markets, factory, ports, airport …

Throughout the process it is necessary to monitor and control the temperature and sometimes the GPS location.

Cold-chain logistics distribution

To respect the cold chain during the logistic distribution, storage with temperature control, qualified packaging and tracking and complete location of shipments is needed. The whole process must be focused on satisfying customer demands.

If you think our services and products are interesting or you want to know more about the cold chain logistics, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to assist you.

Thermal Packaging

Thermal Packaging

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Thermal packaging serves to transport products sensitive to temperature changes that must be protected from shocks, weather volatility and other unexpected circumstances. We work in the design, manufacture and commercialization of thermal packaging solutions with high performance and efficiency to maintain the cold chain during transport and storage of pharmaceutical and biotech products.

Thermal Packaging: what we offer

Exeltainer offers a wide range of thermal packaging to protect temperature-sensitive products and which need to maintain a certain range, +2/+8ºC, +15/+25ºC, negative temperatures, etc.

We can offer solutions that incorporate cold protocols adapted to the requirements of each customer.

Thermal packaging is used to transport pharmaceutical, biotechnical products, medical devices, health care and logistics services. Our thermal packaging is designed to protect those products that require a certain temperature and physical protection during transport and storage, always meeting with the requirements of the cold chain. For this, we work with different types of packaging. The objective is to use the technology adapting it to our customers’ needs.

We put at your disposal different types of thermal packaging to transport the products, such as: Standard P-Tainer Kits, Pallet Shipper, Neox and specific Solutions for Active Transport.

Management of temperature excursion risk management.

Our wide range of Pallet Shipper is designed to maintain + 2ºC / + 8ºC and + 15ºC / + 25ºC. Designed in high density polyurethane to ensure excellent thermal protection and durability, with different formats available to minimize storage, delivery and return costs. The Standard P-Tainer Kits is a highly cost-effective, highly reliable thermal packaging and an excellent option for customers who require a solution that guarantees a temperature range within a specific period of time. For its part, Neox is the highest quality insulating packaging that Exeltainer has developed. It offers a universal packaging configuration thanks to our advanced PCM (Phase Change Materials) gel packs. The temperature must be also controlled during loading and unloading in case of active/refrigerated transport. To avoid any cold chain breaks, our new line of Insulated Solutions, designed and qualified for the active transport, is an excellent option to eliminate the risk of unexpected excursions.

These solutions are designed and qualified under the same requirements than our standard insulated kits, so our customers can be sure about its performance and quality. Additionally, our solutions for refrigerated transport are all qualified with Universal Packout. Our solutions offer fully customized insulated shipping systems. We invite you to know them by clicking on this page: solutions of thermal packaging.

We take into account the design, testing, qualification and manufacturing of thermal packaging with controlled temperature. If you want to know more about our different thermal packaging solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to advise you.

phase change materials

Phase Change Materials

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Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are substances with a high heat of fusion. Melting and solidifying at a specific temperature, is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy. Heat is absorbed or released when the material changes from solid to liquid and vice versa. Therefore, Phase Change Materials are classified as latent heat storage units.

These products are ideal for thermal management solutions. Because of they change from one phase to another, releasing thermal energy.

The properties of Phase Change Materials can be used in different ways.

  • As thermal energy storage: heat or coolness can be stored from one period in time and used at a different location or later date.
  • Insulation or thermal barriers: as for example in temperature controlled transport.

The most effective, simplest and cheapest material for phase change material is water/ice. But, unfortunately, the freezing temperature of water (0ºC) makes it unsuitable for most energy storage applications.

For this reason, different materials have been developed to offer products that freeze and melt at temperatures from the cryogenic range to several hundred degrees centigrade.

Categories of Phase Change Materials

Phase Change Materials can be arranged in three categories: eutectics, salt hydrates, and organic materials.

  • Eutectics: solutions of salts in water with a phase change temperature below 0°C (32°F).
  • Salt hydrates are specific salts that are able to incorporate water of crystallization during their freezing process and tend to change phase above 0°C (32°F).
  • Organic materials: polymers with long chain molecules composed primarily of carbon and hydrogen. Mostly change phase above 0°C (32°F). Examples of these are waxes, oils, fatty acids and polygycols.

If you would like to know more information, we invite you to click on Exeltainer Solutions. Our aim is to provide fully customized insulated shipping systems designed to exceed our customer requirements in terms of quality, minimization of the cost of Cold Chain compliance as well as sustainability.