World Environment Day

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On #WorldEnvironmentDay we like to remember that at Exeltainer we never stop working on solutions that are more #Sustainable for our planet. Our #Reusable Kits have allowed our customers reduce their environmental impact, thanks to the savings in raw materials (PU, plastic and cardboard) that these solutions allow, and year after year our customers request these kits to a greater extent, which makes us feel very proud that our contribution to caring for the environment is greater every day. We take this opportunity to let you know you that we have a new product in development. We are looking forward to presenting it to you very soon!

Exeltainer has a wide range of insulated Kits that ensure the temperature of the different vaccines against COVID-19

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This Insulataed Kits, already qualified, maintain the necessary temperature range during the distribution of the different vaccines against COVID-19, being available in both disposable and reusable formats. 

We know the requirements of each laboratory for the storage, transport and distribution of the different vaccines against COVID-19. 

These days, the vaccines that are already in the distribution process in Spain are: Pfizer, they are kept at -80ºC, from their production to the distribution centers; Modern at -20ºC; AstraZeneca and Janssen whose temperature range is from +2 to + 8ºC. Our insulated solutions are qualified to ensure the necessary temperature for all of them. 

We also have packaging for what is known as last mile logistics, that is, the journey between the distribution center and the vaccination point. In the case of Pfizer’s vaccine, the temperature range in this last mile changes, it distributes and keeps at a refrigerated temperature between +2 and + 8ºC. 

We are proud that Exeltainer solutions are being used in many regions of Spain, for the different needs of each Covid-19 vaccines. 

We have the right products for all these storage temperature ranges, as well as different sizes for each need of our customers.

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Insulated packaging concept

Insulated packaging concept

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Insulated packaging concept is the perfect solution for your shipments since that keeps the cold chain, being ideal for the transport of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. In this way, we protect the thermal integrity of the products from origin to destination. If you are looking for insulated packaging solutions for the cold chain, Exeltainer is the right solution for you!

We have different types of insulated packaging solutions that meet all the specifications required for the transport of products at a controlled temperature: insulated containers, reusable insulated solutions, refrigerated transport solutions. In addition, our design department can assist in the development of specific solutions.

Insulated packaging concept: development process 

The packaging development process goes through of different stages.

  • Know the required specifications: This is the basis for the design of the project of an insulated packaging solution. It is very important to define the requirements in terms of storage temperature, product volume, thermal properties and logistic limitations.
  • Calculate package size. Define precise measurement points and ensure that the temperature is the required in every one of them.
  • Test the product in different weather conditions. Temperature and humidity tests are performed, reproducing certain climatic conditions to analyze the impact on the payload.
  • Rate the packaging. After the temperature tests, the performance tests are carried out. In this way, all the information about the design (materials used, loading method, etc.) and the protocol for the climatic tests is provided.
  • Technical support. The Exeltainer team provides technical support to ensure packaging efficiency. In addition, continuous technical assistance is provided to always improve and provide quality service.

If you need insulated packaging for your business, count on us. Our mission is to provide effective and qualified packaging solutions, with the best cost-benefit relation to the needs of distribution, storing and shipment of products that require a certain temperature within a specific period of time.

Additionally, all our solutions for refrigerated transport are qualified with Universal Packout and can be customized according our customer needs. We invite you to know them by clicking on this page: solutions of thermal packaging.

In Exeltainer we take charge of the design, testing, qualification and manufacturing of insulated packaging with controlled temperature. If you want to know more about our different solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to advise you.