Cold chain shipping solutions

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cold chain shipping solutions

The temperature control is a very important factor for cold chain shipping solutions. The network set up to ensure that the required temperature is maintained is called the cold chain which is vital for storing and transporting vaccines, medical supplies, therapeutic food… Mainly in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Exeltainer create insulated packaging solutions for design, test, qualification and manufacture of temperature controlled packaging.

Cold chain shipping solutions: What do we offer?

Our solutions offer fully customized insulated shipping systems. We invite you to know them by clicking on Exeltainer Solutions. Our aim is to provide fully customized insulated shipping systems designed to exceed our customer requirements in terms of quality, minimization of the cost of Cold Chain compliance as well as sustainability.

We have different types of cold chain shipping solutions:

  • Active transport: designed to endure possible Cold Chain breaks for those customers that are using refrigerated transport.
  • Pallet shipper: designed for +2ºC/+8ºC and +15ºC/+25ºC and available in 5 different payloads. Ranging from 140L up to 700L. They are engineered to fit every possible transportation option, including narrow body aircraft or low level deck. Made from high-density polyurethane for thermal protection and durability.
  • Neox: is the highest quality insulated packaging Exeltainer has developed. The NeoX is definitely the best alternative solution for extreme temperature control which guarantees robust performance at the range of +2ºC/+8ºC as well as +15ºC/+25ºC for up to 7 days. The NeoX offers universal pack-out configuration thanks to our advanced PCM (Phase Change Materials) Gelpacks.
  • KIT P-Tainer: an excellent option for customers who require a Qualified Insulated Solution with all the necessary components to ensure a range of temperature within an specific amount of time.

The temperature must be also controlled during loading and unloading in case of active/refrigerated transport. To avoid any cold chain interruption, our new line of Insulated Solutions, designed and qualified for the active transport, are an excellent option to eliminate the risk of unexpected excursions. Our insulated solutions for active transport are designed and qualified under the same requirements than our standard insulated kits. So our customers can be sure about its performance and quality. Additionally, our solutions for refrigerated transport are all qualified with Universal Packout.