Cold supply chain

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cold supply chain

A cold supply chain can be defined in the life-science industries as the network of facilities to ensure ideal storage and transportation conditions for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

A cold chain refers to a temperature-controlled management which continuously maintains the temperature conditions (refrigerated, CRT or frozen) within acceptable limits throughout the supply chain. The aim is to protect not only the shelf life but also the function and effectiveness of the drugs which is vital for pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories.

The biopharmaceutical market is rapidly growing worldwide and its trend is definitely to be temperature sensitive. Given that the cold chain has become an increasingly important component of the overall pharmaceutical supply chain.

Aims of cold supply chain

  • Improve product integrity
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce wastage and returns of expired stock
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Segments of cold supply chain

  • Storage surface: refrigerated warehouses for storage of temperature sensitive products.
  • Refrigerated Transportation: reefer trucks, containers, ships and trains for transport of temperature sensitive products.
A cold chain is a critical factor for the pharmaceutical industries and the common temperature range for a cold chain in pharmaceutical industries is 2 to 8 °C, but the specific temperature tolerances depend on the actual product being shipped. A cold chain must be managed by a quality management system. It should be analysed, documented, measured, controlled and validated.

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