Cold chain operations

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Cold chain operations

The different components of the cold chain help to maintain its integrity from beginning to end. From the compressors and the electronic elements to the monitoring and load tracking solutions take an active part in order to guarantee the preservation of the cold chain. We provide holistic management of cold chain operations.

For the fulfillment and distribution of cold chain operations, the whole process must be controlled with utmost care. This includes the storage of products at a controlled temperature, approved carriers, use of the appropriate materials, well managed delivery appointments and comprehensive shipment tracking. All steps must take care to ensure customer satisfaction and demands.

Cold Chain Operations: reducing cold chain complexities

The operations that are performed to guarantee the cold chain affect storage and transport, and are designed to keep the products within a temperature range until it reaches the user. Pharmaceutical and biotechnological products are sensitive to heat and freezing. And must be kept at the correct temperature from the moment they are manufactured until they are used.

Energy, environment and safety unprecedented regulations have created many challenges for our customers. Through a wide range of products and constant innovation we aim have as an objective to respond to the complexities of keeping the cold chain intact in any situation, however extreme.

Logistics related to the cold chain includes different processes such as reception, handling, shipping, storage and product safety. All of them with a common denominator: guarantee operational excellence if we want to maintain an efficient and effective supply chain.

Supply chain operations

Improving the strategic operations of the supply chain has as a consequence, for those companies that carry it out, the optimization of the costs and benefits of the company. Not only economic savings are achieved but also significant improvements in quality and customer service.

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